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A Little About
our Puppies



Here at Flessner Kennels, we breed selectively for the sole purpose of producing our next generation of show dogs.


You will find that Bloodhounds are an unique breed. They are not an overly popular dog and have a very small gene pool.  They are very sweet and affectionate, with a gental personality. Don't think they are a "sit on the porch" dog as seen on tv. They have a nose that demands they follow a scent, and it can lead into mischief and harm. All prospective homes should have a large enclosed fence.


Our puppies, both show prospects and pets, are placed in carefully selected homes.

Before buying a Bloodhound puppy, we want to point out some important matters. Get informed about the breed! Bloodhounds are not for everyone and by doing some checking you can decide if the breed is truly for you. You should be informed about the typical bloodhound issues, health problems, drawbacks, etc… as well as the good points. Bloodhounds have certain health issues and needs, and are not suited for every home.


If you want to gather information you can visit: American Bloodhound Club at:



We breed accordingly to the rules stipulated by American Bloodhound Club Code of Ethics:


We are not a puppy mill, so if you are looking for a “bargain” you are not at the right place. Be aware that you will probably get what you pay for.



Selfie with bunny ears...

Buckles is a donkey for halloween...

Boogie Man seven weeks old

*Cover Photo: Our neices Grace and Laney, helping with puppy pictures...

Puppie videos

The Box

Bloodhound puppies checking out a box

This is Harvey and Zappa's litter at 6 weeks old. They were very interested in the box and what it did. By the end of the day, they had climbed it, played inside it and chewed on it. Best part, it was free!

Giving Chase

Puppies chasing Sheri through the yard

Harvey and Zappa puppies, chasing Sheri through the puppy yard. 7 Weeks old

At Play

Brinkley and Hollywood Puppes Playing

Brinkley and Hollywoods puppies playing in the yard at 7 weeks old.

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