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8 Weeks of Life
Watch a puppy grow to a Champion
Meet Selfie: Pictured here at less then
10 minutes old: 1lb 4oz at Birth
Selfie was blocking the way out, in a litter of 9 puppies. She had gotten herself bent, presenting her back for delivery. After many long hours of labor, with no puppies to show for it, we took Zappa to Purdue University for a C-section. To our surprise, the doctor came walking out very soon after our arrival, with this little red headed girl. They were able to get her turned around and delivered without a C-section.  Because Zappa was exhausted at this point, we had the rest of the litter delivered by C-section.

One Day Old

When they were all done with the C-section, we asked if we had any black puppies, they said a couple! Selfie was the only Red Head in a sea of

The average puppy birth weight is 1 lb - 1 1/2 lbs. Dew claws are taken off at 2-3 days old.

1 Week Old

Selfie was special from birth! She is the first red Bloodhound born at Flessner Kennels.

The puppies birth weight should double in seven days. Notice the head & skin are not so bunched up, starting to take more shape. Most noticeable on the nose. Eyes should open in a few more days.

Two Weeks Old

So much breed type all ready. Ball of wrinkles.

Puppy's weight is 3 1/2 - 4 LBS. Eyes are open and ears are beginning to open. Puppy starts to notice surroundings and sounds. Ears are double the length at birth. Puppy is up and moving about on wobbly legs. It now resembles a Bloodhound.

Three Weeks Old

My niece Grace giving Selfie bunny ears!

Puppy's weight is 5 1/2 - 6 LBS. Puppy is playing with litter mates. Skin is growing and bone is thickening. The puppy will make a large growth spurt in the next 2 weeks. Teeth will start breaking through soon. Puppy's demands on mom increase heavily. First worming.

Four Weeks Old

Selfie went right into her first stack! We named her this week. We already knew she was ours..

Puppy weight is 8 - 10 LBS. Puppy sits and plays with toys. Teeth are in and puppy is almost ready to be weaned from mom. Puppy's body has lengthened as well as his rear and front. Puppy's personality is starting to be seen (shy, assertive, inquisitive, people friendly).  Coat really starts to change and lighten. Tail may appear "Gay" at this time.

Five Weeks Old

Selfie held her own tail from a young age. Showing great promise in body balance.

Puppy weight is 10 - 14 lbs. Puppy can run around on stable legs. Is eating out of a dish

(soaked food). Mom will no longer feed pups for any length of time. Pups top line is usually arched still. Length of back has increased. Angulation in rear is not there yet..It's coming!

Six Weeks Old

Selfie movement was very true aleady. Especially in the rear.

Puppy weight is 14 - 18 lbs. Getting demanding at feeding time. Start Vitamin C (Crushed 250mg per pup, once a day). The leaders of the litter should be visible, along with your trailing pups. Pups play now for about 30-40 minutes at a time, then rest for a couple hours. Skin is starting to smooth out on nose and head. Pups are starting to grow some legs. Angulation is more apparent. Time to start checking their bites. Second worming.

Seven Weeks Old

What a stack! Wonderful temperment. Loves everybody.

Puppy weight is 18 - 25 lbs.  Puppy should be very attentive to you. Playing and chewing on almost everything. Puppy has grown a lot of leg and bone. Starting to show its true colors. Angulation changes more, fronts are in place and top lines are getting level. Rear movement can be checked when puppy is gaiting. Tail may still appear "Gay", how bad determines if it will stay that way.

Eight Weeks Old

Amazing puppy! I do not fault her here at 8 weeks.

Puppy weight is 25 - 30 lbs. Vet checks & first set of shots. Puppy's are playing, sleeping and eating machines. What you see now, should give you a good idea what they will have as adults. If they are lacking something now (bone, rears, heads, skin, bites) they will probably lack it as an adult. They are at their cutest now :0) Enjoy!

Ten Weeks Old

Bonus picture: Selfie meets Heather & Susan, her Co-Owners

We took the puppies on a little road trip. A dog show in Indiana. We had the opportunity to have an AKC Judge evaluate the litter, and also see a litter of Bloodhound puppies this young.  Guess who was pick? Happy Trails

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Update on her Championship:

First show weekend for practice:

4 Point Major, over 4 bitch specials for Opposite

Second Show, only entered Regional Day

North East Regional Specialty  March 2015

4 Point Major, Winners Bitch

Third Show, only entered Regional Day

Southeastern Regional Specialty May 2015

4 Point Major, Winners Bitch

.....Stay tuned.



New Champion: 2015 ABC National Specialty

Selfies fourth show was the 2015 American Bloodhound Club National Specialty where she went Reserve Winners Bitch for her fourth major and New Champion.

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