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Some of our Previous Litters

In that last step of preperation, before the puppies go to their new homes, I like to capture them all in one last moment together. There is only one moment in their lives that they are eight weeks old, a photo not taken is a moment lost forever. I occasionally do other fun photos with my puppies, because I'm a camera junkie...

I hope to bring a smile to your face!

The Big Band Sound 10x10.jpg

Buckles X Nathan Litter

Born December 23, 2017

This was the "Big Band" litter. This litter was this first time I bred back to Nathan. I always thought Buckles & Nathan were a good match for each other. I wasn't disappointed! We kept them both...Meet Trumpet & Bugle

Trumpet & Bugle:  8 Weeks Old
Trumpet  3 1/2 Weeks Old
Bugle  3 1/2 Weeks Old
Car Wash for web.jpg

Zappa X Bacchus Litter

Born June 17, 2016

This litter was the "Oop's" litter. Not an Oop's  This litter was surgically implanted frozen semen.  The Oop's part is, via ultra sound, they said the breeding didn't take...Oop's, they were wrong! Two lovely puppies were born, One Red and one Black/Tan. Meet Brittani & Dunkin

Dunkin and friends.jpg
IMG_3573 copy.jpg
Brittani and friends.jpg

Lexi X Tigger Litter

Born April 2, 2015

This litter was Co-Bred by myself, Zack & Heather Helmer and Susan Carter. Yup, that's an International Truck in this picture. Our neighbor had this in his shed and was gracious enough to let us use it.

Can you find the " just a little Tigger"
Old International truck used to take a picture of some Bloodhound puppies at 8 weeks old
Bloodhound puppies on a picnic
Blodhound puppies in a basket, ready to fly away with their balloons...
These are just a few of the extra photos we took as the puppies grew. It was beautiful weather and I couldn't resist myself...
Let's go fly away...Bloodhound puppies rady to take flight.

Zappa X Harvey Litter

Born April 7, 2014

This was our second International Litter. With Harvey being the sire, we decided to repeat the theme. This fabulous wall was located in Homer, Illinois. It was the remains of a building that burned down and left beautiful markings on the building that shared this wall.

Burned out wall in Homer, Illinos. Use to stage a Blodhound puppy picture.

Brinkley X Hollywood Litter

Born August 28, 2013

This beautiful old wagon is owned by a neighbor of ours. He was kind enough to let us use it. It fit right into our litter theme "Rodeo". The fields had already been harvested of their corn, but it shows our big sky's.

The making of a shot. It takes a lot of hands!
Baby Buckles fell asleep on the job!
Boots a couple days old

Rio X Harvey Litter

Born September 1, 2010

This is our first "International" litter. What an amazing litter of puppies! Rio gave birth to 16 puppies and 13 survived. Among this litter of young puppies is future record breakers, Hall of Fame dogs, 9 Champions and Grand Champions, Multiple National and Regional Specialty winners, and multiple Best in Show winners! The bar was set very high.

Left to Right: Image, Bond, Blitzen, Whisper, Buford, Nathan, Ike, London, Jake, Hank, Rocken Man, Hefner, & Woody 

Vivian X Bacchus Litter

Born January 6, 2010

This is our "Slogan" litter. With this breeding we introduced some european lines into our pedigree. 13 seems to be our lucky number! Multiple National & Specialty Winners Dogs, Winners Bitches and Best of Winners, lurk in this lineup, along with trailing and search & rescue dogs. One super special puppy by the name of "Miss Muffin".

Left to Right: Ms. Muffin, Soldier, AU, Maude, Lexi, Brinkley, Halli, Kegger, Bug, Eli, Scarlet, Beemer & Tug

Neena X Dayo Litter

Born December 17, 2007

This is our "Vegas" litter. A lot of effort went into this long awaited litter. We tried three times to get this breeding to take. We sure were happy with the results! One special brood bitch is sitting in the middle, her future puppies are amazing. Multiple National & Regional Specialty Winners Dogs & Bitches, Search & Rescue dogs and Hall of Fame dogs are in this litters future.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Oliver, Vegas, Sophia, Rio, Cassie, Gypsy, Grover & Ace

Jewels X Bacchus Litter

Born February 21, 2007

This is our "Tractor" litter. We live in the country on a farm. International is our brand! Thus, the first International puppy is named. A very specialty future show dog and future stud dog is in this litter. He continues to make his mark on our pedigree long after we lost him.

Left to Right, Molly, Louie, Bailey, Fergie, Harvey, Montana, Oliver and Edie

Jewels X Tigger Litter

Born August 17, 2005

This is our "Hollywood One-Liner" litter. This picture was used in an ad titled "Who's Your Daddy" Tigger happened to father two litters very close together and we did a big group shot. Amoung those puppies on the bottom are future National & Regional Specialty Winners, Hall of Fame Dogs and trailing dogs. One of my heart dogs is among them.

Left to Right: Bottom Row: Sugar, Vivian, Daisy, Buzz, Turner, Belle, Butler, Clancy & Elle May
Turner & Vivian 8 Weeks Old
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